Winning Proposals

Why Spend Time Writing Proposals ?

Winning Proposals

On Track to Writing Winning Proposals

Well the simple answer is that as your business gets bigger you will reach the stage where the easiest way to increase your business size is to bid (or tender/propose) for more business. So common is putting future work out for tender that it is hard to see how you can expand your business without learning how to write a winning proposal!

So what is in a winning proposal ?

Simply put, you are showing what solution you can provide to your potential customer, at what price and just as importantly, why your company is the best to provide this solution. Seems simple doesn’t it? Well yes – except that your competitors will also be bidding against you. Add to this is the fact that a proposal is a legal document that may lead you into a whole lot of expensive trouble and you can see why you need to learn how to write winning proposals.

Course Contents

Preparing Your Company To Write Proposals

  • Reviewing Your Existing Resources
  • Defining Your Core Capabilities
  • Establishing Your Potential
  • Understand Your Differences
  • The Importance of Partnerships
  • Your Costing Model
  • Documents And Stuff You Need Every Time

The Standard Statements

Finding Your Opportunities

Should You Bid?

  • Risk
  • Payment Schedule
  • Go/No Go Decision
  • Bid and Cost Strategy

Completing A PQQ

After the PQQ is submitted

You Need To Get Writing

  • Emphasizing Your Best Bits
  • Hiding The Saggy Bits
  • Competing Against Your Competitors

Writing The Proposal

The Art Of Proposal Writing

Putting It All Together

The course is a mixture of slides, detailed course notes and supporting documentation and templates