Project Management

In charge of your first project? Scary isn’t’t ?

Project Management

On Track Project Management

In charge of your first project? Scary isn’t’t ? This CD based training course will give you the basics of project management methods, ensure that your first project is well managed and get you on the way to impressing the people that matter!

4D Project Methodology

A simple method that includes all the vital project management processes.

Super project methodology :

  • Decide
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy

The course provides a simple to understand project methodology to ease you through the intricacies and problems of your project.

Learn how to plan a project and keep it on track! Control all the changes and problems as well as document them for later reference.

Let all your team, users and clients understand what is going on and the successes that you have had.

The course provides a good understanding of project management techniques that can be continually referred to.

About The Course

The course includes complex questions and workshops to test your lessons learnt. The final workshop can be marked by Biz Guru to provide certification and is inclusive in the price. This is CD based training is aimed at new project managers, those who wish to improve their skills with formal training and senior managers who wish to gain an understanding of what project managers do. Discover why project managers make it look so easy but it isn’t.

There are a number of exercises, workshops and scenarios within the course. They are designed to test and improve your knowledge. One of the workshops can be marked by Biz Guru to provide certification.

Summary of Course

Your Keys to Success

  • Planning
  • Control
  • Communication
  • Documentation

What is a Project?

  • The Business Case
  • What does a Project Manager do?.
  • And Why Does it Look so Easy?
  • What skills will a good project manager have?.
  • What Tools Do You Use?.
  • Your Key to Success.
  • The Essence of a Good Project
  • Why Plan?
  • Basics of a Project Plan.
  • The Project Plan is a factor of
  • Planning Tools.
  • Key to Project Planning.


  • Business.

  • Project

  • Staff

  • Staff Reviews and Meetings.

  • Types of Communication.

  • Poor Communication.

  • Staff Communication.

Planning Methodology

  • Decide.

  • Define.

  • Develop.

  • Deploy.


  • Setting the Baselines.

  • Project Initiation Document (PID)

  • User Requirement Specification.

  • System Specification.

  • Functional Specification.

  • Program Specification.

  • Controlling the Changes.

  • Change Control

  • Release Control

  • Testing Control

  • Error Control

  • Controlling the Impact

  • Planning Controls.

  • What is Quality?.

  • Requirements to Ensure Minimum Risk.

  • User Acceptance.

  • Why Control Changes?.

  • Summary.

Remember (1)

Remember (2) D…D…D…D…


  • Project Planning.

  • The Importance of Documentation.

  • System Documentation.

  • User Support Documentation.

Workshops, exercises and scenarios

30 pages of course notes

48 pages of slides