Our Terms

Bid Manager covers the consultancy, services and training provided by Biz Guru.

Our Terms

CD Courses

Each CD based course is a mixture of animated slides and attached notes and information. There are numerous questions to test the knowledge gained and the opportunity to have your last workshop marked for certification.

No Delivery Charges on our CD based courses

Secure payment directly from the site.

Rapid Delivery

Workshops, exercises and questions included in all Bid and Project Management courses

Certification available on all courses

Course notes are provided in PDF format. The slides do not require PowerPoint.

PayPal: We also offer the option to pay from your PayPal account. You do not need an account with PayPal just a recognised credit or debit card. Your payment will be processed by Biz Guru Ltd.

Time should be allowed for processing of your order, but we will usually confirm your payment the same working day. A receipt will be sent with all orders.

Confidentiality and Copyrights

Biz Guru Ltd has provided a great deal of skill and experience within its courses and therefore retains the copyright in all its course materials and the SuperBid Methodology. We understand that details of a company’s bidding strategy and project management methods are intensely confidential and will ensure the confidentiality of these details when marking all course work. The SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT. is owned by Biz Guru Ltd is protected by International copyright laws and copies of this software for any reason are not permitted.

License Overview

This is a SINGLE USER product and is licensed to the initial purchaser only.

GRANT OF LICENSE. Biz Guru grants to you the right to use one copy of the enclosed/downloaded SOFTWARE on a single computer (i.e. single CPU) not serving as a network server.

OTHER RESTRICTIONS. You may NOT rent or lease the SOFTWARE. You may NOT use the software to provide your own training courses. You may NOT reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works from the SOFTWARE. You may NOT pass this work off as your own. You may NOT sell this software in any format.

For Further information Please contact Ms Lee Lister, Biz Guru Ltd