Who needs a good interview technique ?

Career Interview

On Track to a Great Interview

Congratulations! You have mastered your CV, sent it out to potential companies, and have been called in for an interview. You have conquered the first half of the job search battle, but it does not stop there. The time and effort but into interview preparation is just as important as the time and effort put into your CV. You have already impressed your potential employer on paper, but the interview gives you the crucial opportunity to impress him or her in person.

Who needs a good interview technique? – Those of us who wish to pursue their chosen careers with their chosen employers or those who are embarking upon a contracting career. This course seeks, with the use of clear instructions in key areas, to put you On Track to a Great Interview.

The course will cover the following key areas :

  • What an employer is looking for
  • What happens at an interview
  • How to attract the right kind of attention
  • Common questions asked
  • Common howlers

The course consists of a series of easy to digest MP4 courses as well as supporting course notes and check lists.