OnTrack Bid ToolKit

Writing bids is both time consuming and costly.  An effective Bid ToolKit enables you to have at hand all the standard documentation that is normally asked for.  A great BidToolKit will know at least 50% off of the time it takes to produce a bid or proposal.

Most proposals have a common set of requirements.  Almost all of them will require information about your company and its products and services.  Many, particularly government RFPs will require policies and procedures.  This course OnTrack Bid ToolKit© shows you how to prepare all of this information into something we call your Bid ToolKit.

Course Contents

To make the bid process as painless as possible Biz Guru has defined a number of bid tools. These are:

  • Bid Library – the common documents, descriptions etc. that can be used in several bids.
  • Compliance matrix– measurement of what is asked for against what is offered.
  • Costing Model – the costs of your bid – including preparation costs.
  • Pricing Model – how you price the proposal.
  • Risk Matrix – to help you mitigate and manage risk.
  • Bid plan – the grand plan of who does what, when.
  • War room – where your bid is written.
  • Caveats – how you control your risk.
  • Design templates – the presentation standard and common documents.
  • Key Selling Points (KSP) – why you are he best company.
  • Selling Hooks – tempters to gain more profit.

This course is a mixture of slides, detailed course notes and working documents that help you prepare your next proposal much faster and more cheaply.


Bid Management

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OnTrack Bid Toolkit Bidding for new projects can be very expensive both in time and resources. It is a plain fact that as you answer multiple RFPs you will note that many of the questions are similar. They all seem to ask about your company, your products and this or that strategy. This training course explains, with examples, how to build up your Bid Library – the documents that appear in 90% of all RFPs.

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Project Management

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