About Biz Guru Ltd

Biz Guru is a management consultancy with a specialty in project and bid management consultancy and training. We have over 30 years consultancy experience and have used this experience to produce our most popular training courses on CD’s. This allows you to train in your own time at your own desk!

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About The Bid Manager – Lee Lister

Lee Lister, the director of Biz Guru Ltd, is Management Consultant and Senior Project/Program Manager with 30 years management and consultancy experience and more than 25 years program and project management experience in projects for Banking, Finance, Insurance, Leisure and Government bodies. She also have more than 10 years bid management experience ranging from bids for medium companies to large international and infrastructure bids. She has worked in or for a considerable number of countries within Asia and Europe, has lectured and given corporate presentations on project management and bid management. Whilst working in the Far East she became a recognized expert on preparing and evaluating large World Bank Proposals (infrastructure projects within developing countries). These accomplishments called upon the skills of bid and project management, risk assessment, contract negotiation and supplier management and required dedicated work to very tight time scales. This expertise was acknowledged by an invitation to be the principle speaker at an International Business Development Conference in Washington, USA. She has also consulted at very senior level in several countries. She writes regularly on program, project and bid management as well as career development. She has project managed the design and implementation of numerous large financial and management systems, often program managing or running several projects at once. These projects have required full involvement from investigation and feasibility study and contracts to implementation and final support. Whilst managing these projects she has managed teams of various sizes, either directly or virtually. The largest projects that she has managed have been at the $90m level, with a team size of circa 80, over several countries. Lee Lister has specialized in analyzing and solving problems for companies experiencing difficulties with their current business environments and in setting up departments, program management and bid management environments from scratch. This work requires a resolute, authoritative and considerate project management style. She has found it vital to introduce structured methods and procedures into the companies, ensuring that projects are implemented in the optimum way and that the business problems do not re-occur.

Bid Management

On Track Bid Management Bid Management THE skill that takes your company from Wish To Win! Learn how to improve your chances of winning that that proposal whilst minimizing your risk and maximizing your profit.

OnTrack to Writing Winning Proposals Do you wish to bid or tender for business and not sure how to go about it? Do you keep bidding and never seem to be considered? Does your company wish to tender for extra work in order to expand? This training course will enable you to not only prepare yourselves but also present your capabilities and strengths in the best possible manner.

OnTrack Perfect PQQs The business world is highly competitive and one area where this is very easily seen is the awarding of contracts on the basis of tenders. As a result, there are many measures in place to weed out companies that do not make the grade. One of these measures is called a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). Companies and Government agencies that use the tendering process to award contracts use PQQs to find out whether the companies that are desirous of doing their work are actually capable of doing it. This training course explains how to write a Perfect PQQ.

OnTrack Bid Toolkit Bidding for new projects can be very expensive both in time and resources. It is a plain fact that as you answer multiple RFPs you will note that many of the questions are similar. They all seem to ask about your company, your products and this or that strategy. This training course explains, with examples, how to build up your Bid Library – the documents that appear in 90% of all RFPs.

On Track Funding For Profit Are you searching for funding and not sure how to go about it? Do you keep applying for funding and never seem to be considered? Does your institution depend upon funding for expansion and enrichment? This training course will enable you to prepare yourselves and present your capabilities and strengths in the best possible manner.

Project Management

OnTrack Project ManagementIn charge of your first project, want to know what project management is all about or just want your projects to run more smoothly?

OnTrack Consultancy Consulting is the provision of expert skills or advice in exchange for monetary reward. This course deals with gathering information in order to make an informed recommendation or a finding to your client.

OnTrack Business Analysis Business analysts are the lifeblood of a project or consultancy assignment. They ensure that the business and the technical staff are able to understand each other's requirements and constraints. Want to become skilled at this?


On Track to a Great Interview Getting a new job is hard work and the interview seems to be the most stressful. This training course will take you through how to prepare for an interview and what to expect from different types of interviews.